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Cafe Inspiration- Nidhi Karnani

Hello friends,

Myself Nidhi Karnani, I come from a middle class joint family, a simple shy girl in school who suffered from a complexity in school due to my obese body and dark complexion. I was blessed with visionary and doting parents and a set of beautiful friends who never judged me for my looks.My mom never let me sit idle, i was always doing some class or the other, most of them related to home science. I did my graduation in BCom Honors and Chartered Financial Analysis from ICFAI.

Then Avinash happened to me, my chocolate boy, we fell in love

(do not know how) with each other and after a lot of drama, we got married. We were destined to be together.

My father in law and Avinash and my brother in law Asish were always encouraging and motivating me, to not sit idle and do something. My mother in Law never had any restrictions on me. Then the medical packaging factory happened at that time, same year as our marriage in 2004, the project was very lucrative, it was with one of Avinash’s uncle who had the know how. As the factory was getting ready and a lot of investment was done, this uncle started showing his tantrums by citing unreasonable demands.

The factory was in doldrums and Avinash was left all alone with no background of a manufacturing unit. God had other plans for us, something got into me, could not see the love of my life so depressed and upset. I joined him for marketing, 1000s of mails and calls and sampling over a period of 2 to 4 months started getting us some small orders. The determination and hard work kept us going. The will power was very strong to prove ourselves. The team was very supportive, we travelled in trains, local trains, shuttles and local buses as the factory could not afford luxury travelling then. My parents were always encouraging that these are testing times and this will emerge us into stronger people. Gradually we entered the market being fair always and now I proudly can say that I run the factory and we are the only manufacturer of this medical packaging in the eastern India. We are a brand now.

In the midst of all this, we were blessed with 2 beautiful kids Retesha in 2007 and Devansh in 2009. Both my pregnancies could not stop my commitment towards the factory which actually is and will always be my first baby. Had to juggle going to factory with my kids feeding time. Proud mother to see my kids excelling not only in academics but sports too. I have always ensured never to let anything come in between my time to the kids.

In 2012, Ladies Circle India happened to me, which was another turning point in my life, the massive social work attracted me, every year, I took a new post in the Organization which left me groomed and more enriched. The best finishing school that could have ever happen to me. Never in my wildest dreams had thought would be taking up the highest mantle of “President ship” of Ladies Circle India. In this journey have made innumerous friends for life who I call my life lines now.

My pregnancy weight refused to leave me and frankly never got myself serious towards getting fit, always had excuses to myself, never prioritized myself. Still I do not know what struck me, joined the dance workout classes in mid 2014 which interested me so much that I started planning my day as per the class, managed to shed 20 kgs off me. In 2016, the timings changed which clashed with my work hours, one night very upset that I, am going to gain back all the weight, I mentioned it to Avinash, he said why don’t you have your own studio, I can give you the place for it. I was shocked and happy at the same time, grabbed the opportunity and made a state of the art fitness and dance studio called MOVE WITH GROOVE DANCE FITNESS STUDIO”, the only studio to have suspended flooring and the best Instructors. I have made this place with a lot of passion and style, we are going to celebrate its 3rd anniversary of our studio, again a proud moment for me to say that we have opened another studio on the same floor for antigravity aerial yoga classes, the only one in Kolkata.

I have been super blessed to have 2 best set of parents and family, a doting husband and angelic kids who have always encouraged me, been proud of me, celebrated my achievements, mentored me always. My kids words “Mumma aap LC India president ban jao, we will be responsible kids” will always mean a lot to me always.

The entire credit of bringing out my potential goes to Avinash, never ever stopping me from anything, giving his unconditional love to me when I weighed 90 kgs or when I weighed 60 kgs. His attitude encouraged me to challenge myself at every step I took. The confident Nidhi you see today still has goose bumps while addressing a gathering. My wish list is endless.

Just one message from me, keep you goals high, work towards achieving them and god will ensure that we reach them. We can either give excuses or give wings to our dreams. Come out of your comfort zone and see the paradise that awaits you. Be positive always.

My vision now is to get those fitness forms to Kolkata which are not present in the city at my studio.

For my factory, we plan to expand our product range to trading items too.

On personal front need to get back to my fitness regime as it used to be.



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