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Never late to find yourself- Vinita Banka

I’m ecstatic  today .

For the first time , I’ve been given an opportunity to share my story .After years of dormancy I’ve rediscovered myself as a working professional. It is a pleasure to share my journey which interestingly started when I was touching my 40’s . Life does begin at 40 .

When I got married my husband had a joint family so my primary responsibility was to keep all family members happy and satisfied as per their expectations. Having any personal goals was out of question and that was a startling realisation.

Prior to getting married I was an ambitious girl , so in spite of all odds of staying as a housewife I did my 1 year graduation in Jewellery and started my own brand Acme ( costume jewellery) for initial 7 years from home along with bringing up my two boys Dhruv and Krish  ( now 17 and 13 )

But life had its twists and turns and I had to shut down my venture . Deep down, for years I kept reminding myself of what I was not doing , what I wanted to be  and just following what was coming to me .

Then in 2016 I decided to mould things my way . There were initial fears and hurdles and I came very close to failures in whichever venture I touched upon . Instead of giving up I started to develop a deep sense of passion for motivating and educating myself, to reach greater heights in work and income . It became a challenge for me and I didnot know any other way now . My strong communication and PR skills turned into a nice hustle and eventually gave me validation to do what I wanted to .

I joined INME (an experiential education organisation that works with children in the age bracket 9 to 17 years, school teachers, and school management teams).Both my sons have been participating in inme programs, and have learnt and grown a lot through the inme experience. The faith and support that my team members and CEO put in me when I was recruited was heart warming and I shall always be whole heartedly  grateful. I am currently working as the Advocacy Lead for East India and can proudly share that I have tasted success in building the Inme business in the East and have worked full time from home. I have evolved significantly in the 2 years that I have spent at Inme. Looking forward to many more, and will also have my own office space from next month in Kolkata.

Apart from inme I’m also associated with Chatterbox ( public speaking institute for children ) as a trainer , learning and delivering skills and leveraging my experience  help to build up opportunities for the children. Here I would like to thank my dear friend Dhiraj for introducing me to this wonderful concept.

I started to explore my health and happiness and joined a running group which helped  me train and also accomplish a few 21k /10k marathons with the support of my coach and amazing friends.

My husband Neeraj , my children  and my mom have been my pillars of strength through thick and thin .

Ladies, there’s no “Magic Pill” that effortlessly launches you out of your cubicle confinement into the free world of success.

Don’t look at your age as a barrier . You are never too old to follow your dreams and start a career.

In this digital era there are ample opportunities , just get started. Look for yourself from within. Find yourself , it will help you gain relevant work ideas and you will be where you want to be .

Even if one woman gets encouraged to start or restart her career after reading my journey my purpose is fulfilled .

Vinita Banka 

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