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Where there is a will, there is a way- Kavita Agarwal

About me….

Hello everyone! I am Kavita Agarwal, A mother of two wonders – Nandini-13 year old and Kabir- 3 year old, youngest daughter and daughter in law of two lovely set of god gifted parents, wife of the most desirable husbandJ Samir, and now the founder of Career after family.

God has been very very kind to me while selecting my family and friends, and I can proudly say that I got the best in both. Being the youngest, I was the most pampered. My father was very proud of me, as during that time (1996-00) higher education was not a priority for girls in Marwari families, but I had completed my CA, CS and Treasury management besides honours in Commerce stream with flying colours.

The beginning of my career…..

I started my career with a very reputed group of Kolkata as the trainee and soon got promoted to Asst. Company Secretary. Marriage happened and it took me to Mumbai, where I changed job and entered the world of Investment Banking. But my Father In law was a very enterprising man, and insisted that we work for ourselves. So we shifted to a remote place in Maharashtra to revive the sick unit of HDPE bags. The one year we spent there, taught us many lessons- which I now find very valuable.

The roller coaster ride…

However things did not work out as planned and we had to look for other opportunities. Indcap happened soon and we grabbed the opportunity on insistence of my FIL. It was totally new field for both of us, though I had worked for a short period of time in Investment banking in Mumbai. The initial struggle was worth it, and things started looking great soon.

Personal Milestone….

I was enjoying the role of preparing business plans, projections, presentations etc as every time it was a new industry and there was a sea of learning opportunity. With professional growth came a personal milestone too – and I was promoted to motherhood!! Nandini arrived in the form of an angel and changed our whole world. I was on rest and took a sabbatical of almost 1.5 years. I missed my work!!

The realisation…..

I joined back office once Nandini was 6 months old. And started going as per her nap schedule. A lot had changed during this time and I somehow lost the grip on all numbers and updates and everything. I shifted focus to strategies, HR, Admin and long term goals of the company- as these were not the urgent kind of work which would get affected due to my part time availability.


Nandini was a very good child and it helped me get back to work peacefully and take more and more responsibilities. Slowly, I was the single point contact for everything in office- banking, accounts, admin, HR, client documentation, MIS reports, personal files, investments etc. etc. I was still working part time as per Nandini’s school timings.

Growing in career….

In 2016, We got a new opportunity in the form of Neev and we started the first school fee financing company of India. As education was my favourite sector (I was a teacher during my post graduation) I took the responsibility to look after the routine affairs along with marketing. Neev was a great learning experience as this was our first start up and in a challenging space.

Growing in family….

In 2017, my son Kabir happened and my world changed. Everything took a backseat but I was working from home occasionally. I loved being around the cute lil bundle of joy after ten years!! A year flew by, and I had transitioned from a passionate career woman to a stay at home mommy. I could sense that my growth had stopped and all I was updated about was the maids and their leaves.

The new life…..

I again joined back office once my toddler started Montessori. My stint at Ladies Circle India brought out a lot of my inner desires and talents.  I now wanted to do something of my own, where I could make an impact on other lives. During the discussions with my friends and relatives, I understood that every woman goes through similar phases and we all sometime or the other stand on crossroads where we need to choose family or career. And most of us are not so fortunate enough to balance both due to factors not in our hands. So I decided to share my experiences and knowledge for the support of those woman who wish to do something but are hesitant to take the first step.

Life for me from here on….

I strongly believe in the saying- “where there is a will, there is a way”!!

So here I am with all my learnings and experience gained over more than 2 decades to help, assist, support, nurture, push, train, consult and just listen to whoever needs me. My journey has just begun ….

By helping others, I am only helping myself, achieve true happiness and contentment.

I am grateful to God for many things, but the most, for giving me the most wonderful set of family and friends, and an amazing husband!

I am available at [email protected]

Start your journey today!!

Truly yours,


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