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Life has been a big roller coaster, with more downs than Ups, but still fighting- Suchi Agarwal

Hi I am Suchi Agarwal born and brought up in Kolkata in a nuclear, very loving and close knit family.

I was very brilliant in studies always, like I had topped Kolkata in my class 10 boards and was awarded scholarship from my school for my class 11-12 studies. I had dreams of joining NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF DESIGN IN AHMEDABAD. But my family did not allow me. As per our family customs getting married to a suitable match is the ultimate fate of any girl. Still I did not give up and learnt graphic designing and interior designing from Kolkata itself, obviously from private institutions and not so famous ones.

My first project was designing my own maternal uncles house .My father saw my passion and my capabilities and allowed me to pursue my career as an interior designer, but life had different plans.

I met with a road accident on 1st July 2007 and my right leg got almost crushed knee below.  Series of surgeries and months of hospitalization followed. I was on clutches for about a year and resumed walking and my normal life style in one and a half years. Hailing from a typical Marwari family pressure of marriage after a road accident further piled up and I succumbed to pressure.

And coincidentally I got married on 1st July 2009, to then a stranger and now my biggest strength and support Uttam Agarwal. I was married to a then very conservative family where a bahu working out of the house or having a career inspiration was next to crime. But like it is always said there is always a ray of hope. My mother in law came to my rescue and I resumed work even after my son was born in march 2011. I use to manage work timings in the day in such a way that my father in law doesn’t come to know that I am working and my mother in law became my biggest strength.

I was in a very dreamy zone handling 3 projects at a time, working well, my son had grown up, he was 6 years now and quite independent. It was time for me to take a new leap in my work and scale up my work. THIS TIME AGAIN LIFE HAD SOME OTHER PLANS FOR ME. THIS TIME LIFE HIT ME HARD AND HIT ME WHERE IT HURTS THE MOST. MY SON WAS DIAGNOSED WITH  A RARE NEUROLOGICAL DISORDER CALLED GB SYNDROME AND OVERNIGHT MY SON WHO WAS RUNNING AND PLAYING AND JUMPING WAS PARALYZED HEAD TO TOE AND WAS ON VENTILATOR FOR 45 DAYS.

GOD BLESSED ME HE IS FINE NOW. FOR 2 YEARS I did nothing but to take care of my son. I was torn apart, ripped off , broken, and shattered. I gave up all. The story of these two years is long enough to be fit in any paper. I was in Mumbai for a year for his treatment, I went everywhere possible to any doctor possible , and possibly any mother on this earth would do the same. I was no different. But, but, but,  this time my son came to my rescue. A small boy 8 years old taught me the real meaning of courage and living life with HOPE.

HE is still recovering and he inspired me to smile, laugh, have faith in GOD and resume life’s second innings and resume work or more precisely start living again which I know I had stopped. I have started work again, am a member of prestigious YFLO and BNI now. Currently handling innovative projects like rooftop cricket  turfs, Montessori, residential houses, offices etc.

Signing off – Suchi Agarwal

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