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C for Creativity!! YCafe Champ Yaahvi Kamalia

The world may lead you to one way and your heart may lead you towards another. Ensure that you’re always in the path your heart agrees with !- Anonymous

Mandala Lettering by Yaahvi

‘C’ for Creativity !
I am Yaahvi Kamalia. I study in La Martiniere For Girls. I’m 11 years old. I have been an art enthusiast ever since I was a child. The world of crayons, drawing books, brushes, sketch pens et all intrigued me. Whenever I would visit a stationery store I would feel like a kid in a candy land. I have been learning various mediums of art from the past 7 years.

This lockdown has been a gamechanger for me. Since I did not have much to do during this phase I enrolled myself in online art classes and gradually got hooked on to it. My mom had also been doing some online courses. That’s when I stumbled upon CAFÉ’s art sessions. I did my first ‘mandala art’ session on the Cafe platform and I was amazed to see a young girl like me teaching this art form. My family has been very supportive and encouraging of my artwork and mom asked Kavita aunty if I could take up a similar session for Café members. After looking at my art skills, Kavita aunty agreed instantly and gave me immense encouragement.

Online sessions and gatherings are increasingly becoming a part of our new normal lives. I conducted two sessions on ‘doodling’. All the aunties of various age groups enrolled for my class and showed immense enthusiasm. They sat diligently throughout the class and completed the work assigned to them with a lot of patience.

These session with the Café participants has given me unimaginable joy and unattainable peace. I want to extend my gratitude to Kavita aunty and each and every participant for encouraging my artwork and giving wings to my imagination. Till now I only though that drawing is fun, but after these sessions I have realized that teaching art is therapeutic too !

Yaahvi Kamalia
Secretary ( Art club)

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