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Journey of Cooking Mania started over a cup of Coffee: Sonal Choraria

Hello from Sonal Choraria, Owner of Cooking Mania With Top all the wonderful cafe members. 

Hailing from a marwari Jain business family going into any business was always my forte. I assist my husband in his fabric business which is our family based from more than 100 years.But.   

Apart from that I was always into some hobby related business cos my acumen was in various fields like  designing, presentation, lifestyle  health, and also spiritualism, meeting and interacting with talents across was a fascination to me and how to enhance and grow was always a penchant. But I found my passion accelerated with cooking and fine dining. Though from a young age I had the knack of creating innovatively inspired dishes keeping in mind the health quotient too. I just wanted others to know the benefits of my learning and growing  up.

So my cooking journey came out in the open when I thought of starting food related ideas and events, Hence the birth of… COOKING MANIA WITH TOP CHEFS Happened With just my immediately close known people who are also the co-founders  over a cup of coffee .

The axis of the group Mrs. Chandra Kamdar who runs a boutique The pillar Mr. Rajesh Shah business man ( deals in electronics ). The connector Mrs.Jyoti Chopra  home maker based in Kanpur , though from different areas of work but with one passion the set up developed by great lengths with the able and apt support of this wonderful alliance and we proudly present ourselves as the food maniacs.

It started as a passion to just mingle with like minded people but gradually as we started extending a helping hand to improvise the skills of people we set up our expertise to enhance the skills of all those who were talented but still closeted inside the realms of their homes or were apprehensive about starting a home based venture. We developed them to Live Their Dream of showcasing their talent to the world.

This dream came to the forefront with just one single attribute BEING HELPFUL AND ALWAYS AVAILABLE.

Gradually adding feathers to our cap with small ideas growing large. Last year we celebrated our annual anniversary foundation day by not just eating and enjoying but a unique way of celebrating the talent of street vendors and very humble home cooks. We invited them and awarded them on a hyped platform which they could never imagine being given credits to at such a level by being included with chefs, hoteliers, restaurateurs. 

So we grew and made others grow. Helping in Setting up small eateries., restaurants , connecting people, product promotions, Brand awareness, SkillTeaching & developing, getting recipes published in dailies and magazines, conducting chef curated cooking classes, masterclasses, sensory tastings of well known brands ,specialised course related programmes. etc.etc..

Keeping in line the philanthropist in me and my like minded team members we also started the charitable wing of CMTC  by the name of SPARSH..through which we keep doing service to mankind

People connected were always content and inspired that kept us motivated to keep on extending the Horizons  by our guidance.

Today we are a strength of 60000 plus and still growing aptly supported by my team and also the members of my group.

Therefore summing up in a line.. “☆” I may know Lots but yet I know Nothing which gives me the push to learn Everything “☆”



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