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Rise by Rising others – Purvi Jasani

Rise by rising others….such a beautiful thought ….is introduced by Kavita Agarwal of our own CAFE. It is ‘career after family’ but now extended to ‘career with another added family“.
Nature is never biased in empowering any particular gender. It is very well proven by our legendary gueens , daughters in past history. But somewhere we form a gap between our capability n goals. Eventually this gap becomes our comfort zone from where we are scared to come out.
Kavita at CAFE has bridged this gap through various tools. she started with her own session of brain storming to what exactly we are looking for from life. she made us dig into our mind to find out actual meaning of PURPOSE . What a wonderful answer we came out with. Then we are equipped with tools to convert our “dreams to reality“. The journey thus started with one after another sessions by professional speakers which not only motivated us but made that we reach our goal. from referring good books to balance between attitude n bragging, personal branding,….mentors introduced to all possible arena.

It feels like we are on discovery channel discovering our own hidden potential. It was amazing….amazing this word reminds of FYOGA. I never new what it means till Ruchika our own cafe member introduced to face yoga. Saying WOW at our own face in mirror every morning is such a wow act. N u know Preetiji told us pressure is good. In fact it’s useful. How? When u apply it on right point through accupressure. Richa with bumble bee natural products. Meenuji with her health tips. Shashi ji with energetic motivation.Going digital with canva, PowerPoint, learning . N then travelling to tarot card science to culinary skills through ebook to beejum by Shital for gardening. Along with sawing seeds for microgreens lessons, got a nice life message that nature keeps seeds in the dark for some time so that seed has fights with soil for sunlight n thus growth happens. We too have started growing. Absolutely no corners left. Ideas are filled up in each n every corners kavita’s mind. We will be waiting for her next move.
Kavita, Jodi tui dakbi, amar sobay Chole aashbo. Aar abar ekla cholbo na.
Kavita …n all fellow members, love u, wish u all with abundance of joy n peace.
I m Purvi Jasani born n brought up at Kolkata now staying at Bangalore, I m a housewife with lots of dreams to make a mark n desire to leave a legacy of kindness .

Thankful to be introduced to CAFE since last 4 months by my sister Urvi.
Growing with every session……


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