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WOMAN – A symbol of Shakti, Lakshmi, Saraswati and Durga- Jasmine Bhatia

She is not only multi-talented but also multi-tasker.

A woman is much more powerful than she thinks. If a woman decides, she can do anything. She heals with her warmth and love.
She is both soft & strong at heart and supple & tough in body. Are we upbringing the girls in a way that they feel strong and embrace the attitude of overcoming all the challenges that come her way?

Let’s reflect on these number of taboos that are still hinged on girls.
• Pink is associated with girls and blue with boys.
• Girls play with dolls and boys with basketballs.
• Girls are unique and special but they need to be back home before it turns dark for their safety.
• Determination and confidence are the key to success but the stigma of common dialogues like “You are a girl and have to get married and follow the culture of the family” actually builds a distrust in her own self, shattering away her confidence.

The usage of such sentences and phrases sets the mindset of a girl child in boundaries. Her rational thinking is obscured by such prejudices.
It thus takes a lot of courage and struggle to change this mindset, within herself and in others.

A woman is undoubtedly respected and cared by everyone in today’s world.
However, one has to be (including woman) mindful of the words spoken to her from childhood to make her life much simpler and easier.
Imbibing the concept that girl’s and boy’s habits, toys, interests, games, physique are the same boosts motivation in her to be open to all the avenues she wishes to explore.
At any age or field, a woman can do wonders, but she will be happier if she is supported by her near and dear ones.
For that, we all have to ask ourselves this question- ” Are we that support system of another woman”?

With gratitude from another woman.

Jasmine Bhatia

Jasmine is a learner, Performer, Volunteer and a Passionate writer.
She loves to sing and is spiritual at heart.

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