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Autobiography of a Photograph- Shaurya Almal

I am 1 year old Shaurya sitting on the 11-year Shaurya’s desk watching him grow in front of me. I see my older self-growing up with lots of strength, love and hard work. I see him play, dance, learn, talk and even talk in sleep. I really don’t like sitting there but I have to do it for the older me. Come I will share an incident of my life. Once the older me and his friend Varij were playing catch, by mistake Varij threw the ball at me. When the ball hit me, I was petrified. The older me also got sacred and took me to mama and papa. Mama replaced my frame, and I was as new as a day. He cared for me so much. One day he watched a movie of Pokémon. He got so obsessed with them. The infatuation was so massive that he made a cut out of Bulbasaur, a Pokémon and sticked it on me. He was very obsessed with Pokémon until he saw a Harry Potter movie. And oh boy! this was his most lasting delusion. He wrote two spells at top and bottom of my frame i.e., Expecto Patronum and Expelliarmus. Now I have to always rest on a Harry Potter book.  One day he drew a creeper, a monster from his favorite game Minecraft. This was his new rage. I didn’t like the drawing but couldn’t complain as I immobilized by him. Oh! Look how forgetful I am, just like the 11-year-old Shaurya. I forgot to tell you that I am his photograph.

Shaurya Almal

Shaurya is a creative boy and likes to cook amazing dishes and participate in all activities. A good orator too!!

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