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Autobiography of a Rain drop- Aarav Agarwal

It was a hot summer day. It was scorching heat and lands were dry.

When the water from the River Yamuna evaporated and I became water vapor ,my life’s journey started. After evaporation, a process called condensation took place in the clouds that were formed 1 and a half days ago. I again returned to my real form (liquid form) from water vapor.

I was enjoying myself up in the sky with my friends floating in the clouds. Suddenly one day the sky became dark, thunderstorms started. I was scared , I was about to fall. Then suddenly the cloud bursted and I was speeding down towards a big house with my hundreds of friend raindrops. It was afternoon and I was just lying down on the tiles of the veranda. After some hours when it stopped raining, two young men came and together wiped us all out. Then I went into a smelly gutter. After some time, I was again in my home, yes , River Yamuna. I was so glad I reached my home back; it was dark and suffocating there in the drains. But I was also sad at the same time seeing tonnes of untreated water from homes and factories being poured into my mother. I felt helpless but also saw how my mother absorbed us all and purified us. And this cycle kept repeating 1-2 times till once when I was speeding down with my friends, a poor beggar drank me. That was my last day but the most fulfilling day. I could finally satisfy someone’s thirst.

In my short life I saw many happy and sad faces, some would dance when I use to fall from the sky, some use to crib but I loved my journey.

Aarav Agarwal

Aarav a student of grade V in LMB is a inquisitive boy and likes to tap google for every query!

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