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Autobiography of a Roller Coaster – Pragya Gupta

I’m a rollercoaster and I live in NiccoPark, Kolkata. My name is Cyclone. I’m 750m in length and 55ft tall. I was born in 2003. I’m an adult now. My grandpa, Leap-the-Dips lives in Lakemont Park, Atloona. He’s too old. We are a huge family throughout the world. We are generally found in the amusement parks.

I’m one of the funniest ride and sometimes quite dangerous too. I’ve elevated railroad tracks with steep slopes and inversions. Two or more cars hooked together called train on which people sit. I move very fast up and down, side to side, forwards and upside down. I feel extremely satisfied when people, especially children pick a ride upon me and enjoy to the fullest.

Well, let me say you an incident of my life which made me feel devastated. One day a 6yrs child took a ride upon me with its parents. I too was very young almost of his age. I got excited as among all the rides he chose me. But after he got down, he started crying, felt nauseous and became sick. His parents started blaming me. I was too young to bear this pain. That was the first time ever I questioned my existence.

Now this type of incidents I face often. I feel bad but also, it’s fun to see people how people conquer their fear and choose to ride upon me. I feel like I’m the most adventurous ride.

Pragya Gupta

Pragya is a student of grade VI and likes to participate in all activities of YCAFE.

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