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Autobiography of iPhone X – Yaahvi Kamalia

Hey, my name’s iPhone X ! I became a part of Yaahvi’s life when she turned 13. Boy, was she excited! She wouldn’t even remove the plastic film on my screen.

So now let me tell you all something about myself. I was designed by Chief Jonathan Ive. I have a brother named Siri. He can perform all sorts of tasks, right from opening the App Store to calling James to entertaining Yaahvi. I have a sweet marble base and my screen is  smooth like butter. Triple tap and you’ll reach the screenshot option. Isn’t that fun? I can store up to a million pictures and that’s the reason Yaahvi chose me cuz she can’t resist clicking selfies for Instagram! This reminds me that I have a fabulous camera quality too. She tried all my camera features for her artworks in just a span of 5 minutes! Well, she was a born photographer! I also have an inbuilt app for editing videos called the iMovie app. All her reels have been edited by this app. And as my name suggests, Yaahvi doesn’t let anyone touch me. She’s a little too overprotective. Maybe it’s because I’m exorbitantly priced and she knows her dad won’t buy her another one. I have a feature called the “find phone” app. It helps to navigate your phone. She has a habit of losing her stuff and this app is specially designed for her. Yaahvi is super addicted to music and my best friend iMusic designed a playlist named ‘vibez’ specially for her. Isn’t that cute?  I guess I’ve told you a lot about myself and now it’s time to tell you something about my owner AKA Yaahvi. She’s just another teenager. She’s a bubbly person and likes to fidget with me. She’s an aspiring artist and the future queen of photography. But jokes apart, she’s my new bff and she handles me with love! I’m just hoping she doesn’t stick the “fragile object: handle with care” sticker on me!!


Yaahvi is an art enthusiast and loves to create masterpieces inspired from her everyday life experiences! A student of grade VII at LMG, Kolkata

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