BUILDING THE BRAND YOU- Session Takeaways by Babita Jhunjhunwala

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room”- Jeff Bezos. 

Did you know that you were a brand right from your mother’s womb? How we build ourselves or our business into a unique brand is what the session with Siji Varghese was about. Siji is a mentor, leader, coach and TEDx speaker. She says that brands need to keep on evolving. Even the biggest brands keep on making improvements in their marketing strategies, their products in order to stay ahead of the competition. Let’s look at the pointers given by Siji. 

What is the Ikigai of your brand?

What is brand YOU?

1.It is your image which you project to the outside world 

2.It is your mission 

3.Your values and 

4.Your vision

5.Your story

6.Your USP.

While projecting your image you need to see: 

1.How your brand appears to people,

2.How do they perceive your behaviour, 

3.Are you able to communicate effectively and 

4.How much of a social media presence you have.

Your mission should be such that:

1.It influences the perception of people about the product or service you offer. The need of the product or service is created by you through marketing and showcasing your product.

2.It creates your brand reputation and the name itself builds trust among the people and

3.Your brand becomes a name to reckon with. 

To fulfil the mission of your brand, 

1.You should be aware of what you are passionate about, 

2.What you are good at, 

3.Do you have the resources, for example, the knowledge or the degree and 

4.Whether you can get returns you desire.

You can define your personal brand by: 

1.Identifying what core values you would like to inculcate,

2.Identifying your strengths and skills set,

3.Identifying what inspires and excites you about the product or service.

4.Identifying the direction you want your business to go,

5.Identifying obstacles that you have faced and overcome.

To carry forward the vision of your brand, you will need to build a framework of:

1.Profile: your brand details 

2.Platform: whether online or brick and mortar or both.

3.Partnership: collaboration with other social groups 

4.Publicity: through advertising, social media, word of mouth

5.Publishing: sending articles to magazines and newspapers 

6.Public speaking: creating awareness about your business on public forums

7.Public service: social service which helps in goodwill of your brand

8.Prize: sending nominations for prizes which brings you in the public eye. 

Branding strategies can help you build your unique brand. 

1.Planning early,

2.Being authentic, 

3.Being consistent,

4.Being regular and 

5.Avoiding self-promotion 

It was an amazing session by Siji Varghese which gave us many insights into how to create our brand niche.

Babita Jhunjhunwala

Babita is a mental health councellor, co founder Mann ki Baat, a journey within and a mentor at Cafe English Vinglish.

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