We did a fun activity at Cafe English Vinglish Batch 3. They were given 9 picture clues and they had to come out with interesting story using atleast 6 of them.

We received some amazingly amazing stories and the Mentors Babita & Priya selected 5 best ones out of all. Babita has been doing a phenomenal work as the EV mentor in her first term itself, a great support to our Consistent EV Mentor Priya.

And the top 5 writers are:

  1. Sarika
  2. Renuka
  3. Rupa
  4. Shital
  5. Sweta

Presenting the stories:


Vikash was a nine year old, smart and intelligent boy. He was crazy about aeroplanes. The reason behind it could be perhaps his father had a small vegetable shop near airport. He was an apple of his father’s eye. He used to accompany his father on holidays to help him. Whenever he heard an aeroplane passing over, he would take the magnifying glass, which was gifted to him by one of his teachers, and he would rush outside to see the plane with it. He used to become joyous and wondrous and pretended to be a pilot.

One day Vikash found out that his father was fixing the balance to cheat the customers. Being a confident and honest kid, he didn’t follow his father’s footsteps and asked him, “Papa, why are you doing this?” His father replied, “I want to give you a bright future. So I am trying to make extra money so that you can follow your dream to become a pilot.”  Vikash assured his father that he would become a pilot one day but not on at the cost of honesty but by hard work.

They weren’t aware that they were being watched by a fairy sitting on the beautiful fountain in front of their shop. The fairy was impressed by Vikash’s honesty and blessed him with her magic wand that his dream comes true.

Years passed by, Vikash passed his 12th exam with flying colours and now was ready for further studies. Both were happy and disappointed at the same time as there was not enough money for his further studies. They slept with a heavy heart and saw a dream in which a fairy blessed them with a gold balance. The next morning when his father and he came to the shop, while discussing their weird dream, they were flabbergasted to see the gold balance which had become to a reality. There was a note stick stuck to it, reading, “It takes strength and courage to accept your mistake and be honest. Honesty pays.  – Yours Fairy God Mother.” They were over the moon. Now Vikash was just a few steps away from his dream to become a pilot.


By Renuka

By Renuka



My family and I were going for a summer vacation trip to Shimla. There was another family on the flight with whom I talked with. While talking I found out that their family and my family are staying in the same hotel. When we landed in Shimla and reached the hotel it was almost dinner time, both the families decided to have dinner together. So we did and went to our rooms.

The next morning I woke up early and enjoyed the hotel view. The hotel we were staying at was a palace before. We had breakfast in the garden. There was a beautiful big fountain in the center of the garden. Then we went for a Shimla tour. At night I was sitting and reading a book in the balcony joined to my room. It was then when I saw Radhika’s daughter, Anuradha talking to someone but I couldn’t see the person but I saw the eyes. They were of a very rare color.

Next morning while we were having breakfast I asked Anuradha about the person she was talking with last night but she avoided me and walked away. At 2:30 or 3 am I heard some noises and went to the balcony and the lobby to search for the source of it but to my rotten luck, I couldn’t.

Next morning when I woke up I saw police in the hotel. I rushed to the manager and asked “what is going on?”, to which he said “ there is a dead body in the garden.” I nodded my head and went up to my room and woke up my husband, who was in a deep sleep and told him everything.The police investigated all the hotel staff and guests present. When it was my turn, I told them about everything I saw and heard last night.

My sixth sense was tingling because of the random detective stories that I read. So, I asked the officer “Who’s body is that?” to which he responded “The waiter of the nearby hotel.” “How did the waiter get here?” I asked “ I have no idea as to why he was here” he responded. I decided not to question him further and let him do his work.

My inner detective wanted to investigate this case so I let them take over and went to search everywhere. I found a hot air balloon locket near the fountain. It seemed that I had seen it somewhere, so I tried to remember where I had seen it. Deciding to leave it for some I went back to the lobby and saw that the receptionist was very nervous and panicky during the police investigation. So, I sneakily followed the receptionist to her room and heard her call someone and ask them not to come here. I grew suspicious of her and wanted to ask her but I didn’t want her to know that I was on to her so I went back to my room and while I was showering, my sixth sense told me to go to the crime scene. I quickly got out of shower, put on my clothes and rushed to the scene. When I was there I saw a pathway that connected my hotel to the waiter’s hotel. I was following that path and saw some weird footprints. I took some pictures of them and went back to my room to connect all the clues. While I was on my balcony doing the same I saw the receptionist talking to someone and grew even more doubtful of her and took a picture of them.  

I was thinking of all the clues repeatedly and after a lot of brainstorming I remembered that I saw the locket hanging around Anuradha’s neck and the person talking to the receptionist had the same rare coloured eyes of the person talking to Anuradha last night. All the clues were linked to Anuradha, so I called her and asked her to meet me in the cafe near our hotel. I showed her all the clues and she started panicking and broke down in front of me. I comforted her and after some time she told me “I have a boyfriend, Rohan and he has come all the way to meet me. The receptionist, Sunaina, is his friend. That night we were talking when I saw that my father had seen us together. I ran away in fear because my parents are against my relationship with him. The locket might have fallen while I was running” I nodded my head and after a while we left the cafe.

I was on my balcony replaying our conversation in my head and I felt that she was hiding something but why? I solved the locket and eye mystery but couldn’t find whose footprint was that. I went to meet Radhika in her room but she was not there. Her husband, Shyam informed me that Radhika is was in my room. So I went to my room and told and showed her everything. But when I showed her the footprints she looked ghosted (her face turned as white as a ghost)and went back to her room.

Next morning when the officer came I blurted everything out and left no stone unturned and showed him all the clues. I asked if he could start inspecting Radhika’s room first to which he agreed and we went there. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find anything but as we were leaving the room I saw that the shoes were under the mattress. I carefully took it out and asked the officer to match it with the photos of the footprints. It matched and the officer took Shyam to the Police Station for interrogation. While Radhika was in tears. Shyam was suspected guilty. He told Radhika that it was an accident, he wanted to deal with Rohan but Rohan wasn’t there and he thought that the waiter was Rohan. He killed the waiter assuming that it was Rohan.

Radhika and Anuradha were in a lot of pain and grief. They knew that they had to be stronger and they also had to side with the truth because Law is not blind and the truth will always find its way out. But who can avert?


The unsolvable case by Shital

Mr.Ajay Sharma is a very wealthy and famous businessman.His business was spread all over the world.He (lives) is liviing with his wife, Sonam in (a) seafacing bunglow in Bombay. He frequently visits Delhi for work .As usal (usual)he was returning back late night to Bombay from Delhi by flight.✈️He called his wife.As she did not pick up the call he got worried and hurriedly reached home.While searching her in the house,he saw that Sonam was lying on the ground unconsciously near(the) fountain⛲.He called (an)ambulance and(the) police immediately.The police and the ambulance came in no time.They took immediately(immediately took) Sonam to the hospital.Police started the investigation 🔍to know what had happened to her.The police using magnifying glass found foot prints👣 near the fountain.Next day when Sonam woke up (the)police asked Sonam that (about) wht(what) really happened last night?She said that she was sleeping😴 in her room and suddenly heared a noice(noise) .The sound felt like something had fallen with a great thud.She went to the garden to see what had happened.She couldn’t believe her eyes👁️👁️.There was a fallen perasuit🪂(parachute) and a man was coming towards her.She couldn’t move in fear.He hit her with something and next thing she remembers waking up in the hospital.
Police is trying to solve the case as soon as possible but Mr.Ajay knows that solving this type of case is not a magic🪄 Till then Mr and Mrs Sharma are balancing⚖️ between work and family for safe life.


An unforgettable journey by Sweta
We were getting late.The last and final call was announced to proceed for boarding.We rushed towards our flight s ✈️ boarding gate and fortunately we made it. An hour later, we were 30000 feet above.
Oh ! We were so excited to visit a new place Manali.On landing we couldn’t believe our eyes 👀 that an airport could be so beautiful.
As we checked into our hotel. We realised that many activities (which)we could choose to do there.As my husband and myself were busy talking what we would like (to do) so that we could to do advance booking, my son went towards the garden area attracted by a colourful water fountain ⛲️.Looking for him ,when we reached there(and) we were greeted by a magician who was showing tricks with his magic wand 🪄. He requested us to take a seat but as we had booked paragliding 🪂 as an activity for the next day. We wanted to sleep 😴 for sometime but out of courtesy we watched his show for a while. After that we went (back)to our room back .We had had our dinner and we slept.The next day we woke up early . After having our breakfast we drove towards the paragliding venue. There we were informed that we were not supposed to carry more than 5 kg during the gliding .So we had to weigh t ⚖️ all our belongings. We had an amazing experience of flying in the sky. We enjoyed there a lot but when we returned back to hotel,we found a big mob(crowd) there surrounded by police. My heartbeat stopped for a second.There ’s(was) a dead body in the fountain. I was in a state of shock that what was happening? That time we were not allowed to enter in our room till the enquiry by the cops had(been) done.I recognised the body . It was(of) the magician. The police were searching for evidence through the magnifying glasses 🔍. Because of the pin drop silence in the hotel our footsteps🦶could be heard. We wondered what must have happened. It was a mystery until a couple of a days. Later we heard stories at the hotel that while practicing for a trick, the magician lost count of breathing and drowned.
We returned after a week of our vacation but this incident remains with us forever.
This is my unforgettable journey.


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