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Heart to Heart with my Boys- Akanksha Srivastava

I am a mother of two boys and when my boys were around eight and five years old, I came across a WhatsApp message that discussed how the writer had told her son about “maintenance periods”. She had told him that like everything needs maintenance, her body needed maintenance too. She had also informed him that her “maintenance period” happened every month and during this time she needed a lot of rest and pampering. This had made her son very considerate and it had helped her open up more dialogues with him.

 I liked it so much that I spoke about “maintenance period” with my boys too. Both of them love cars and they could easily understand maintenance. But they were not sure why Papa didn’t  get his maintenance too? I had to tell them that since babies are made inside mummy’s uterus so it needs to be especially clean and hence mommy’s get maintenance period every month. My 8-year-old had a few questions like does it hurt really bad and how much rest would I need? This was enough information for my boys at that time. They did not ask any more questions and went on to play with their cars. Now whenever I am resting or am tired, they do ask if its your maintenance period and then they don’t disturb me. They have come to accept the fact that grown up girls and women have maintenance periods every month and then they might need rest and pampering. My boys are quite considerate during that time of the month and once they even told my father that mama is having her maintenance period so she is resting. Well, now besides my mother, I have my boys sharing this information with my father (growing up I never discussed periods with my father, though he is a doctor and my mother used to consult him whenever I had lot of pain due to periods).

When my children wanted to know how bad the cramps are, I showed them this YouTube video by De Lune and we had some laughs but they did understand that period cramp is painful. I suggest that you show this to your partner too to make them understand how cramps feel. If you are a male and reading this, first of all kudos to you. We need more men like you and yes please do have a look at the video.

My elder one sometimes says that girls do have it hard with periods and child birth and I am pretty sure my younger one has become more empathetic too. I hope we all can open up with the men, especially the little men in our lives and make them understand what it is to be a woman! I also hope that with me discussing my problems and challenges openly, my boys would also open up to me about their own set of problems and we will collaborate better.

Akanksha Srivastava

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