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Lets redefine Failure – session takeaways by Poorvi

Don’t we all remember our 10th grade result. Everyone at school cuddles together to get the glimpse of black board in which pieces of A4 size paper had saga of all the student’s past and future. What an adrenaline rush!. What is this emotion that gives us butterflies in stomach? Have we ever tried to address it?

Emotion is fear of failure and if addressed systematically can become a powerful tool for creating better future ventures. Vandana Mohture, a mindset coach from Sydney Australia  guided us splendidly through a very empowering session at CAFÉ . She has spent 10 long years in corporate sector before switching over to her niche.  She too had her fears and beliefs, which she did overcome and also shared with us virtues that helped her.

According to her, it is most important to first get the concrete definition of success and failure. SUCCESS for her is surviving with values without holding back and FAILURE is non-allignment with values. If still encountered with failure, then we should handle with seven lenses which will lead to clarity.

F:      feedback

Rethink on all your action

A:       adaption

Adapt to alternate situation of any action is found not valid

I:       investigate

Get curious about what more can be done.

L:    learn as it is a continuous process

U:     utilize all the external and internal resources. Internal resources includes exploring our own inner potential.

R:      rise above all your failures , keep moving and act to deliver

E:      empower others because you learn so much when you teach.

She also motivated members to apply their internal factors faithfully, if at all none of the external factors work in our favour.  Our own CAFÉ members also shared their views and experience to add more practical approach.

Altogether, this was truly inspiring, motivating and empowering session.

Poorvi Jasani

Poorvi is a bangalore based baker and content creator.

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