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Balance the Unbalanced!- Cafe Editor- Priya Jalan

Who coined this term? This word should have sounded like “onomatopoeia”. Difficult to pronounce! Only to highlight the sheer unreachability of this idealistic concept, which we all try to achieve but end up at being on varying levels of it. The contemporary mentors and advisors of aspiring women has advised to achieve a fine balance between house and occupation. How else do women have it all?

Any work, be it your business or just a hobby, requires single pointed focus and perseverance. Today’s society is definitely more advanced in its preaching and understanding of how men should stand and shoulder responsibility, if not in equal proportion, let’s say at least so much so as to facilitate the women achieve all her aspirations.

But does this beautiful thought see the light of the day?

Isn’t in practical life, we have strong demarcations of what is a woman’s duty. How in every celebration, a woman needs to achingly part with work and make the event a festival, guarding the sanctity of joyous celebrations? Why can’t a husband go in the kitchen and make halwa for the same occasion. Why is it yet a taboo? Why do men need excruciating situations to help out in small affairs of the household?

Not to snatch their credibility, men have traversed a long path. They genuinely talk about participating and try to contribute in the household affairs, if it’s not too much of a trouble and sometimes even surpass our expectations which itself is so ecstatic for women that they forget about their slogging and juggling rest of the times. And in those fleeting, gratifying moments, the unfairness of it all simply vanishes in thin air. Such is the sheer brilliance of feminity that it absolves all and that too with unconditional love and adoration.

Having said that, there are indeed some men who are so rational, kind and secure in sharing work life balance with their better halves that hope continues to shine bright in the sky of achievements that would have to broaden it’s boundaries to contain all that women has to offer.

The path of evolution will take its course and the future surely has in store those days when men and women jobs’ would no longer be differentiated. It would require men to be kinder and more giving to be able to do that and women to be more pragmatic.

Fingers crossed and anticipating that we women are raising our sons to be the flag bearers to reach the glorious end of this obvious path we all are traversing. I have the good fortune of interacting with many women. I salute the power of those who are doing so many & so much, incredibly with flying colors. I also salute those women who constantly think about pursuing their dreams but give majority of their precious time raising their family. Can’t these women be a little indifferent and commence what they relish? But, how a woman gives and can help herself no better than continuing to give, in the hope that once she has fulfilled some standing responsibilities, she would have more room in her life to accommodate her desires and aspirations.

It would give me immense gratification to live enough to see those days when the society actually helps her do both and still loves and nurtures her, the way she has been doing it for aeons. I have seen good days for my generation, better than what my mother got. I have also seen the adverse effects of our time on women, being caught up in this frenzy wherein the society is neither whole-heartedly ready nor in denial, where there is no full support but full expectations.

Men of today look for a bride who can run the house, keep it spick and span and still earn enough to take a foreign vacation while maintaining herself to look sexy and ofcourse raise children, all the while men helping in tid-bits. Really? These are some major goals which I dare men to take up!

I hope to see a day when we live in a truly liberated society in action and true to their newly acquired understanding of women, their roles and aspirations.

Priya Jalan

Founder Priya Jalan English Academy, IELTS Coach, Cafe Editor

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