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Magical 40 @Forty – a book by Cafe featuring 40 inspiring journeys of women who added the extra to the ordinary!!

Magical 40 @Forty idea was born when I saw the Forbes 40 under 40:) and thought that women should also get chance to feature in such list as the journeys are no less than the Forbes 40.

Hence the initiative to have a paperback book featuring stories of inspiring women who have walked extra ordinary paths. The book has been created to bring out such stories which are hidden in neighbourhood corner but we are unaware of their existence.

Some stories will run a chill down your spine and some will bring out a myriad of emotions in you – but each one is sure to inspire you.

The Café Editing team comprising of Kirti Kedia, Anupriya Gupta, Priya Jalan and Bhavika Kothari behind the book has put months of hardwork behind research, compilation, editing and designing of the book so as to appeal to the readers and yet retain the originality and simplicity.

The women who have been featured in the book are from diverse backgrounds, professions, passions, cities and even countries. We have tried to include all possible journeys starting from social entrepreneurs to artists, to women who faced challenges from families and personal tragedies, single woman by choice to single mom by choice, sportswoman to business coach, doctor to CA, business entrepreneurs to cancer survivors, authors to educationists and many more. Each journey is different from the other.

Grateful to the team for taking the dream forward and making it a reality. It would not have been possible to bring it to life without the hardwork of the Kirti, Anupriya and Priya who have given stories the words they needed to connect with the readers, keeping the original emotions intact. Bhavika our pitara has been behind all the designing and publicity of the book with her creativity and charm. Special mention to our Mentor Lokesh Nathany for always guiding us.

The book will be launched on December 18th, 2021, in Kolkata at the TEDx Chowringhee event.

Looking forward to holding it!

Kavita Agarwal

Founder, Career After Family

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