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Magical 40 @forty- Journeys from Ordinary to ExtraOrdinary- The Book by CAFE

Doesn’t magic connote to something that can’t be explained through logic and can only be experienced in wonder and awe?

The book “Magical [email protected]” embodies the spirit of such jaw dropping magic created by courageous women who have braved through harsh realities, unfavorable circumstances, stinging criticism and many such adverse conditions and yet achieved advancement, happiness, and success.

Women are strong, can multitask and most of all has the uncanny habit of nurturing as well as achieving. The society has very well accepted our role as a nurturer, but why bind us within this character? We have also been the bread winner in the family, matching as well outperforming men in any and all fields.

How patriarchy has construed and falsely advertised this motherly quality as weakness or limited capability is the biggest scam executed in the face of humanity. Women have limitless sky to soar! All we want is not to curb our wings and let us take the flight. Once we take the flight, the sky too bows down to our determination, grit and grace. This book is the source of such invigorating inspiration.

Career After Family is a platform for women who aspire to create their own identity besides being someone’s wife, mother and sister. This book is one such initiative to boost the confidence of women, who rarely get appreciated for their hardwork.

The forty women featured in the story can be a replica of our own mother, sister, wife or daughter. They are relatable and easily found in our own vicinity. The book is about the stories of their belief in themselves and their chalking out of their goals, no matter how bad was the situation or who was blocking their way from moving forward. The same people who fume and fret when a woman wants to live for herself are also the ones to quickly change and metamorphose when they see positive outcomes and an emerging confident woman. In short, these women have shared their happiness and sorrows, struggles and triumphs and delight and dismay. It is to reassure every woman that we can do it all and achieve it all. If they can do it, you too can.

The book was launched on December 18th, at The Park Hotel Kolkata in the TEDxWomen event held by TEDxChowringhee. The Guest of Honour was Mr. Swapnil Kothari, President CFBP. The event was attended by the women who featured in the book and other TEDx participants. The book is receiving a great response due to its simple language and connecting stories. The Editorial Team consisting of Kirti Kedia, Anupriya Chowdhury, Priya Jalan and Bhavika Kothari were applauded for their selfless work for the book.

The 40 featured women are as below:

  1. ALKA AGRAWAL- Murde Itihas Nahi Likhte, Itihas Vo Likhte Hai, Jo Apne Raste Khud Banate hain
  2. ANJALI SARAOGI- Dreams or Doubts- It’s My Choice!
  3. ANJANA CHANDAK- Now a days, I Have Been Listening to My Heart
  4. ANSHUMA RUSTAGI – A Gift of Love to My Life Giver Changed My Life Perspective!
  5. APARNA ANDREWS- The Delightful Weight of Hunger—Journey to Entrepreneurship
  6. ASHA JANARDHAN- A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step
  7. BHARTI NAIK- My Eyes Never Stopped Dreaming…And I Chose to Dream Again
  8. BHAVIKA KOTHARI- Your Thoughts are the Architect of Your Destiny
  9. DIPTI JAKHODIA- Until You Spread Your Wings, You Have No Idea How Far You Can Fly
  10. DR HARLEEN SETHI- Nothing You Wear Is More Important Than Your Smile!
  11. GAURI DAS- Believe in the Power of Possibilities!
  12. JYOTI AGARWAL- Everybody Has Wings, All We Need to Do Is Fly
  13. MADHAVI ADIMULAM- Sometimes All We Need Is A Different Perspective!
  14. MANISHA TIBREWAL- Unwrapping God’s Gift – a Bouquet of Talents!
  15. MEENAL NIGAM- Learning the Language of the Universe is Aligning Oneself to a Higher Calling
  16. MEENU AGARWAL- Across Borders, Making Life Happen!
  17. NEERAJA GANESH- You Have Arrived!
  18. NIDHI KARNANI – Be a Dreamcatcher! It’s Never Too Late to Learn and Live Your Dreams!
  19. NILU SHARMA- Learning to Live Life Unapologetically!
  20. NISHA NAIR- Life Has its Way of Rewarding Bitter Struggles with Sweet Success!
  21. PAYAL NATH- ‘Hum Sab Ek Bubble se Banein Hain’
  22. PRABHA GOYAL- Beyond Cancer, with Faith and Courage
  23. PREETI JAIN- Divinely Guided and Guarded
  24. PREMLATA AGARWAL- Climb Every Mountain
  25. PRERONA ROY- Phoenix – Rise From the Ashes!
  26. RAJSHREE GAGGAR- Meeting My New Self at Every Stage of Life!
  27. RENU SAHARIA- Let Your Hopes, Not Your Hurt, Shape Your Future!
  28. RICHA SHAH- Leave a Little Sparkle Wherever You Go!
  29. RINKU SARAWAGI- Cooking with Love Provides Food for the Soul
  30. RITA TANDON- There’s No Shortcut on the Road to Success
  31. RUBY GOENKA- It’s not the Dreams, but the Actions, which Change Life!
  32. SATARUPA MAJUMDER- Miles to go before I sleep, Miles to go before I sleep
  33. SHASHI JAIN- When I Made Living a Priority for the Sake of My Daughter!
  34. SHILPI KHANUJA- The More you Dream, the More you Achieve
  35. SHITAL BAVISHI- To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow
  36. SHUBHA SINGHANIA- Most Follow Paths, Some Create Their Own
  37. SIJI VARGHESE- A Setback is a Setback, Till You Come Back!
  38. SONAL CHORARIA- Wellness of Mind is Wellness of Life!
  39. SUJATA CHATTERJEE- Twirling to a Better World!
  40. VINEETA GANERIWALA GUPTA- When Your Dil Maange More!!

The book is available at Amazon as Magical 40 @Forty

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