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Magical 40 @forty- Journeys from Ordinary to ExtraOrdinary- The Book by CAFE

Doesn’t magic connote to something that can’t be explained through logic and can only be experienced in wonder and awe?

The book “Magical [email protected]” embodies the spirit of such jaw dropping magic created by courageous women who have braved through harsh realities, unfavorable circumstances, stinging criticism and many such adverse conditions and yet achieved advancement, happiness, and success.

Women are strong, can multitask and most of all has the uncanny habit of nurturing as well as achieving. The society has very well accepted our role as a nurturer, but why bind us within this character? We have also been the bread winner in the family, matching as well outperforming men in any and all fields.

How patriarchy has construed and falsely advertised this motherly quality as weakness or limited capability is the biggest scam executed in the face of humanity. Women have limitless sky to soar! All we want is not to curb our wings and let us take the flight. Once we take the flight, the sky too bows down to our determination, grit and grace. This book is the source of such invigorating inspiration.

Career After Family is a platform for women who aspire to create their own identity besides being someone’s wife, mother and sister. This book is one such initiative to boost the confidence of women, who rarely get appreciated for their hardwork.

The forty women featured in the story can be a replica of our own mother, sister, wife or daughter. They are relatable and easily found in our own vicinity. The book is about the stories of their belief in themselves and their chalking out of their goals, no matter how bad was the situation or who was blocking their way from moving forward. The same people who fume and fret when a woman wants to live for herself are also the ones to quickly change and metamorphose when they see positive outcomes and an emerging confident woman. In short, these women have shared their happiness and sorrows, struggles and triumphs and delight and dismay. It is to reassure every woman that we can do it all and achieve it all. If they can do it, you too can.

The book was launched on December 18th, at The Park Hotel Kolkata in the TEDxWomen event held by TEDxChowringhee. The Guest of Honour was Mr. Swapnil Kothari, President CFBP. The event was attended by the women who featured in the book and other TEDx participants. The book is receiving a great response due to its simple language and connecting stories. The Editorial Team consisting of Kirti Kedia, Anupriya Chowdhury, Priya Jalan and Bhavika Kothari were applauded for their selfless work for the book.

The 40 featured women are as below:

  1. ALKA AGRAWAL- Murde Itihas Nahi Likhte, Itihas Vo Likhte Hai, Jo Apne Raste Khud Banate hain
  2. ANJALI SARAOGI- Dreams or Doubts- It’s My Choice!
  3. ANJANA CHANDAK- Now a days, I Have Been Listening to My Heart
  4. ANSHUMA RUSTAGI – A Gift of Love to My Life Giver Changed My Life Perspective!
  5. APARNA ANDREWS- The Delightful Weight of Hunger—Journey to Entrepreneurship
  6. ASHA JANARDHAN- A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step
  7. BHARTI NAIK- My Eyes Never Stopped Dreaming…And I Chose to Dream Again
  8. BHAVIKA KOTHARI- Your Thoughts are the Architect of Your Destiny
  9. DIPTI JAKHODIA- Until You Spread Your Wings, You Have No Idea How Far You Can Fly
  10. DR HARLEEN SETHI- Nothing You Wear Is More Important Than Your Smile!
  11. GAURI DAS- Believe in the Power of Possibilities!
  12. JYOTI AGARWAL- Everybody Has Wings, All We Need to Do Is Fly
  13. MADHAVI ADIMULAM- Sometimes All We Need Is A Different Perspective!
  14. MANISHA TIBREWAL- Unwrapping God’s Gift – a Bouquet of Talents!
  15. MEENAL NIGAM- Learning the Language of the Universe is Aligning Oneself to a Higher Calling
  16. MEENU AGARWAL- Across Borders, Making Life Happen!
  17. NEERAJA GANESH- You Have Arrived!
  18. NIDHI KARNANI – Be a Dreamcatcher! It’s Never Too Late to Learn and Live Your Dreams!
  19. NILU SHARMA- Learning to Live Life Unapologetically!
  20. NISHA NAIR- Life Has its Way of Rewarding Bitter Struggles with Sweet Success!
  21. PAYAL NATH- ‘Hum Sab Ek Bubble se Banein Hain’
  22. PRABHA GOYAL- Beyond Cancer, with Faith and Courage
  23. PREETI JAIN- Divinely Guided and Guarded
  24. PREMLATA AGARWAL- Climb Every Mountain
  25. PRERONA ROY- Phoenix – Rise From the Ashes!
  26. RAJSHREE GAGGAR- Meeting My New Self at Every Stage of Life!
  27. RENU SAHARIA- Let Your Hopes, Not Your Hurt, Shape Your Future!
  28. RICHA SHAH- Leave a Little Sparkle Wherever You Go!
  29. RINKU SARAWAGI- Cooking with Love Provides Food for the Soul
  30. RITA TANDON- There’s No Shortcut on the Road to Success
  31. RUBY GOENKA- It’s not the Dreams, but the Actions, which Change Life!
  32. SATARUPA MAJUMDER- Miles to go before I sleep, Miles to go before I sleep
  33. SHASHI JAIN- When I Made Living a Priority for the Sake of My Daughter!
  34. SHILPI KHANUJA- The More you Dream, the More you Achieve
  35. SHITAL BAVISHI- To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow
  36. SHUBHA SINGHANIA- Most Follow Paths, Some Create Their Own
  37. SIJI VARGHESE- A Setback is a Setback, Till You Come Back!
  38. SONAL CHORARIA- Wellness of Mind is Wellness of Life!
  39. SUJATA CHATTERJEE- Twirling to a Better World!
  40. VINEETA GANERIWALA GUPTA- When Your Dil Maange More!!

The book is available at Amazon as Magical 40 @Forty

Cafe Inspiration NewsCafe

Magical 40 @Forty – a book by Cafe featuring 40 inspiring journeys of women who added the extra to the ordinary!!

Magical 40 @Forty idea was born when I saw the Forbes 40 under 40:) and thought that women should also get chance to feature in such list as the journeys are no less than the Forbes 40.

Hence the initiative to have a paperback book featuring stories of inspiring women who have walked extra ordinary paths. The book has been created to bring out such stories which are hidden in neighbourhood corner but we are unaware of their existence.

Some stories will run a chill down your spine and some will bring out a myriad of emotions in you – but each one is sure to inspire you.

The Café Editing team comprising of Kirti Kedia, Anupriya Gupta, Priya Jalan and Bhavika Kothari behind the book has put months of hardwork behind research, compilation, editing and designing of the book so as to appeal to the readers and yet retain the originality and simplicity.

The women who have been featured in the book are from diverse backgrounds, professions, passions, cities and even countries. We have tried to include all possible journeys starting from social entrepreneurs to artists, to women who faced challenges from families and personal tragedies, single woman by choice to single mom by choice, sportswoman to business coach, doctor to CA, business entrepreneurs to cancer survivors, authors to educationists and many more. Each journey is different from the other.

Grateful to the team for taking the dream forward and making it a reality. It would not have been possible to bring it to life without the hardwork of the Kirti, Anupriya and Priya who have given stories the words they needed to connect with the readers, keeping the original emotions intact. Bhavika our pitara has been behind all the designing and publicity of the book with her creativity and charm. Special mention to our Mentor Lokesh Nathany for always guiding us.

The book will be launched on December 18th, 2021, in Kolkata at the TEDx Chowringhee event.

Looking forward to holding it!

Kavita Agarwal

Founder, Career After Family

Cafe Inspiration

Journey of Cooking Mania started over a cup of Coffee: Sonal Choraria

Hello from Sonal Choraria, Owner of Cooking Mania With Top all the wonderful cafe members. 

Hailing from a marwari Jain business family going into any business was always my forte. I assist my husband in his fabric business which is our family based from more than 100 years.But.   

Apart from that I was always into some hobby related business cos my acumen was in various fields like  designing, presentation, lifestyle  health, and also spiritualism, meeting and interacting with talents across was a fascination to me and how to enhance and grow was always a penchant. But I found my passion accelerated with cooking and fine dining. Though from a young age I had the knack of creating innovatively inspired dishes keeping in mind the health quotient too. I just wanted others to know the benefits of my learning and growing  up.

So my cooking journey came out in the open when I thought of starting food related ideas and events, Hence the birth of… COOKING MANIA WITH TOP CHEFS Happened With just my immediately close known people who are also the co-founders  over a cup of coffee .

The axis of the group Mrs. Chandra Kamdar who runs a boutique The pillar Mr. Rajesh Shah business man ( deals in electronics ). The connector Mrs.Jyoti Chopra  home maker based in Kanpur , though from different areas of work but with one passion the set up developed by great lengths with the able and apt support of this wonderful alliance and we proudly present ourselves as the food maniacs.

It started as a passion to just mingle with like minded people but gradually as we started extending a helping hand to improvise the skills of people we set up our expertise to enhance the skills of all those who were talented but still closeted inside the realms of their homes or were apprehensive about starting a home based venture. We developed them to Live Their Dream of showcasing their talent to the world.

This dream came to the forefront with just one single attribute BEING HELPFUL AND ALWAYS AVAILABLE.

Gradually adding feathers to our cap with small ideas growing large. Last year we celebrated our annual anniversary foundation day by not just eating and enjoying but a unique way of celebrating the talent of street vendors and very humble home cooks. We invited them and awarded them on a hyped platform which they could never imagine being given credits to at such a level by being included with chefs, hoteliers, restaurateurs. 

So we grew and made others grow. Helping in Setting up small eateries., restaurants , connecting people, product promotions, Brand awareness, SkillTeaching & developing, getting recipes published in dailies and magazines, conducting chef curated cooking classes, masterclasses, sensory tastings of well known brands ,specialised course related programmes. etc.etc..

Keeping in line the philanthropist in me and my like minded team members we also started the charitable wing of CMTC  by the name of SPARSH..through which we keep doing service to mankind

People connected were always content and inspired that kept us motivated to keep on extending the Horizons  by our guidance.

Today we are a strength of 60000 plus and still growing aptly supported by my team and also the members of my group.

Therefore summing up in a line.. “☆” I may know Lots but yet I know Nothing which gives me the push to learn Everything “☆”



Cafe Inspiration

My journey from Hospital to Mrs Universe Lovely- Shilpa Agarwal

I was Born in a  traditional marwari family with four sisters & a brother! Although my father was very loving & caring …..  but he never allowed us to wear western clothes & go out for party etc. But I enjoyed at home … Since we sisters were very close to each other & never felt any need for outside friendship !! 

I was a very good student & I always dreamt of becoming doctor one day, but I was married off before I turned nineteen and I was just 12th pass then!

Marriage was a new beginning …. but it came with lot of responsibilities & expectations from all the members of my new family !!

At the age of 20, I was a mother!! I was barely coping up with various pressure of married life & additional huge responsibility of motherhood without much support from my in laws proved too much for me !! 

I tried to commit suicide when I was 22 …. during the week I was in hospital,  my husband Akash told me don’t run away from the situation ……. u r not a coward…… something creative in life ……. u r born to excel !!! these lines were the turning point in my life …….. After that I  never looked back and immediately after that I joined our family business.

When I joined Akash furniture group it was running in losses. Initially I use to come for 2/3 hrs per day ….. but slowly business world started fascinating me ……  I took keen interest in our business & slowly with my effort & passion, Akash furniture group became one of the most recognised & biggest furniture brand in central India . 

I was content that I am doing enough as women entrepreneur but my perspective changed entirely when I visited China, Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand to study furniture industry & visit furniture exhibitions there. On seeing women entrepreneurs working very hard & rubbing shoulders with their male counterpart, I was further motivated to become full time women industrialist!!

It also inspired me to be a role model for other Indian women to motivate them to come into industry.

Awards and Recognitions

I got one of the biggest award in my life from the then CM of Maharashtra, Shri Prithviraj Chavan, “Best lady industrialist of the region”. 

My entrepreneurial journey was never easy ….. Since furniture industry was totally male dominated industry , I was the only women entrepreneur it had !!  But my shining light … My pillar of strength……  Akash stood behind me like a rock !!

Today a 12 pass lady is visiting faculty to various MBA, BBA, Engg colleges such IMT Katol, Tirpude college,  Lad  college & many more  &  professional organisations like VIA , TIE , VMA etc.

Regarding my participation in beauty pageants …….it all started in 2004 when Akash saw advertisement in newspaper & motivated me to participate in Mrs Nagpur contest ! 

I won Mrs Nagpur 2004 & then also won Mr & Mrs Nagpur contest along with Akash in 2005 !! Then I participated in Gladrags Mrs India & Mrs India World contest but couldn’t get selected  for finals!! 

After 10 years in Sep 2015 …. Akash heard of Mrs India worldwide competition I participated after a gap of 10 years and managed to win Mrs India Worldwide Mrs Inspirational title!! 

I have been appointed as the brand ambassador of Fit India Movement on August 29, 2019, on the National Sports Day of India, as apart of Fit India Movement launched by our PM Narendra Modiji.

Other notable achievements:

  • Maharashtra state powerlifting championship in Aug 2019  
  • TEDx speaker 
  • Brand ambassador of various national brands for consumer products 
  • Bharat Icon award at Mumbai 
  • Mentor at National women parliament 
  • Best lady Industrialist of region
  • Mrs Universe Lovely 2017, winner at Durban South Africa 

Managing personal & professional life 

Managing personal & professional life is one of the biggest challenge every women has to face world over!! They only need some support & motivation which I received from my husband !! 

My son Aryan studies in residential School in Panchgani & whenever he is on school holiday we go for family vacation & that vacation is a great stress buster for me !! 

Creating niche for myself in business & pageant world without any education

Life is the best education- I was fortunate to enter the college of Life at a very young age of 22. Also I learnt a lot through my failures & mistakes which were the stepping stone of whatever little success I could achieve in my life.

Family & husband support 

It has been mixed bag for me. I was very fortunate that in Akash I have world’s most loving, caring, friendly but very strict hubby who is very passionate about his wife’s success.

Success & failure 

For me Success is not built on success it is built on failure ….. A person who avoids failure also avoids success ! 

Do life come to standstill for women after marriage & mother hood ???? 

No not at all!! I would say it is the beginning of life for every women. 

Infact it is only marriage & motherhood which converts a girl (who is always protected, restricted) to a powerful women!! 

Life mantra 

My mantra in life is that people can guide you, motivate you …. but it upto you who has to rise like phoenix from ashes in order to be somebody in this world !

Shilpa Agrawal

Cafe Inspiration

Life has been a big roller coaster, with more downs than Ups, but still fighting- Suchi Agarwal

Hi I am Suchi Agarwal born and brought up in Kolkata in a nuclear, very loving and close knit family.

I was very brilliant in studies always, like I had topped Kolkata in my class 10 boards and was awarded scholarship from my school for my class 11-12 studies. I had dreams of joining NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF DESIGN IN AHMEDABAD. But my family did not allow me. As per our family customs getting married to a suitable match is the ultimate fate of any girl. Still I did not give up and learnt graphic designing and interior designing from Kolkata itself, obviously from private institutions and not so famous ones.

My first project was designing my own maternal uncles house .My father saw my passion and my capabilities and allowed me to pursue my career as an interior designer, but life had different plans.

I met with a road accident on 1st July 2007 and my right leg got almost crushed knee below.  Series of surgeries and months of hospitalization followed. I was on clutches for about a year and resumed walking and my normal life style in one and a half years. Hailing from a typical Marwari family pressure of marriage after a road accident further piled up and I succumbed to pressure.

And coincidentally I got married on 1st July 2009, to then a stranger and now my biggest strength and support Uttam Agarwal. I was married to a then very conservative family where a bahu working out of the house or having a career inspiration was next to crime. But like it is always said there is always a ray of hope. My mother in law came to my rescue and I resumed work even after my son was born in march 2011. I use to manage work timings in the day in such a way that my father in law doesn’t come to know that I am working and my mother in law became my biggest strength.

I was in a very dreamy zone handling 3 projects at a time, working well, my son had grown up, he was 6 years now and quite independent. It was time for me to take a new leap in my work and scale up my work. THIS TIME AGAIN LIFE HAD SOME OTHER PLANS FOR ME. THIS TIME LIFE HIT ME HARD AND HIT ME WHERE IT HURTS THE MOST. MY SON WAS DIAGNOSED WITH  A RARE NEUROLOGICAL DISORDER CALLED GB SYNDROME AND OVERNIGHT MY SON WHO WAS RUNNING AND PLAYING AND JUMPING WAS PARALYZED HEAD TO TOE AND WAS ON VENTILATOR FOR 45 DAYS.

GOD BLESSED ME HE IS FINE NOW. FOR 2 YEARS I did nothing but to take care of my son. I was torn apart, ripped off , broken, and shattered. I gave up all. The story of these two years is long enough to be fit in any paper. I was in Mumbai for a year for his treatment, I went everywhere possible to any doctor possible , and possibly any mother on this earth would do the same. I was no different. But, but, but,  this time my son came to my rescue. A small boy 8 years old taught me the real meaning of courage and living life with HOPE.

HE is still recovering and he inspired me to smile, laugh, have faith in GOD and resume life’s second innings and resume work or more precisely start living again which I know I had stopped. I have started work again, am a member of prestigious YFLO and BNI now. Currently handling innovative projects like rooftop cricket  turfs, Montessori, residential houses, offices etc.

Signing off – Suchi Agarwal

Cafe Inspiration

Where there is a will, there is a way- Kavita Agarwal

About me….

Hello everyone! I am Kavita Agarwal, A mother of two wonders – Nandini-13 year old and Kabir- 3 year old, youngest daughter and daughter in law of two lovely set of god gifted parents, wife of the most desirable husbandJ Samir, and now the founder of Career after family.

God has been very very kind to me while selecting my family and friends, and I can proudly say that I got the best in both. Being the youngest, I was the most pampered. My father was very proud of me, as during that time (1996-00) higher education was not a priority for girls in Marwari families, but I had completed my CA, CS and Treasury management besides honours in Commerce stream with flying colours.

The beginning of my career…..

I started my career with a very reputed group of Kolkata as the trainee and soon got promoted to Asst. Company Secretary. Marriage happened and it took me to Mumbai, where I changed job and entered the world of Investment Banking. But my Father In law was a very enterprising man, and insisted that we work for ourselves. So we shifted to a remote place in Maharashtra to revive the sick unit of HDPE bags. The one year we spent there, taught us many lessons- which I now find very valuable.

The roller coaster ride…

However things did not work out as planned and we had to look for other opportunities. Indcap happened soon and we grabbed the opportunity on insistence of my FIL. It was totally new field for both of us, though I had worked for a short period of time in Investment banking in Mumbai. The initial struggle was worth it, and things started looking great soon.

Personal Milestone….

I was enjoying the role of preparing business plans, projections, presentations etc as every time it was a new industry and there was a sea of learning opportunity. With professional growth came a personal milestone too – and I was promoted to motherhood!! Nandini arrived in the form of an angel and changed our whole world. I was on rest and took a sabbatical of almost 1.5 years. I missed my work!!

The realisation…..

I joined back office once Nandini was 6 months old. And started going as per her nap schedule. A lot had changed during this time and I somehow lost the grip on all numbers and updates and everything. I shifted focus to strategies, HR, Admin and long term goals of the company- as these were not the urgent kind of work which would get affected due to my part time availability.


Nandini was a very good child and it helped me get back to work peacefully and take more and more responsibilities. Slowly, I was the single point contact for everything in office- banking, accounts, admin, HR, client documentation, MIS reports, personal files, investments etc. etc. I was still working part time as per Nandini’s school timings.

Growing in career….

In 2016, We got a new opportunity in the form of Neev and we started the first school fee financing company of India. As education was my favourite sector (I was a teacher during my post graduation) I took the responsibility to look after the routine affairs along with marketing. Neev was a great learning experience as this was our first start up and in a challenging space.

Growing in family….

In 2017, my son Kabir happened and my world changed. Everything took a backseat but I was working from home occasionally. I loved being around the cute lil bundle of joy after ten years!! A year flew by, and I had transitioned from a passionate career woman to a stay at home mommy. I could sense that my growth had stopped and all I was updated about was the maids and their leaves.

The new life…..

I again joined back office once my toddler started Montessori. My stint at Ladies Circle India brought out a lot of my inner desires and talents.  I now wanted to do something of my own, where I could make an impact on other lives. During the discussions with my friends and relatives, I understood that every woman goes through similar phases and we all sometime or the other stand on crossroads where we need to choose family or career. And most of us are not so fortunate enough to balance both due to factors not in our hands. So I decided to share my experiences and knowledge for the support of those woman who wish to do something but are hesitant to take the first step.

Life for me from here on….

I strongly believe in the saying- “where there is a will, there is a way”!!

So here I am with all my learnings and experience gained over more than 2 decades to help, assist, support, nurture, push, train, consult and just listen to whoever needs me. My journey has just begun ….

By helping others, I am only helping myself, achieve true happiness and contentment.

I am grateful to God for many things, but the most, for giving me the most wonderful set of family and friends, and an amazing husband!

I am available at [email protected]

Start your journey today!!

Truly yours,


Cafe Inspiration

Never late to find yourself- Vinita Banka

I’m ecstatic  today .

For the first time , I’ve been given an opportunity to share my story .After years of dormancy I’ve rediscovered myself as a working professional. It is a pleasure to share my journey which interestingly started when I was touching my 40’s . Life does begin at 40 .

When I got married my husband had a joint family so my primary responsibility was to keep all family members happy and satisfied as per their expectations. Having any personal goals was out of question and that was a startling realisation.

Prior to getting married I was an ambitious girl , so in spite of all odds of staying as a housewife I did my 1 year graduation in Jewellery and started my own brand Acme ( costume jewellery) for initial 7 years from home along with bringing up my two boys Dhruv and Krish  ( now 17 and 13 )

But life had its twists and turns and I had to shut down my venture . Deep down, for years I kept reminding myself of what I was not doing , what I wanted to be  and just following what was coming to me .

Then in 2016 I decided to mould things my way . There were initial fears and hurdles and I came very close to failures in whichever venture I touched upon . Instead of giving up I started to develop a deep sense of passion for motivating and educating myself, to reach greater heights in work and income . It became a challenge for me and I didnot know any other way now . My strong communication and PR skills turned into a nice hustle and eventually gave me validation to do what I wanted to .

I joined INME (an experiential education organisation that works with children in the age bracket 9 to 17 years, school teachers, and school management teams).Both my sons have been participating in inme programs, and have learnt and grown a lot through the inme experience. The faith and support that my team members and CEO put in me when I was recruited was heart warming and I shall always be whole heartedly  grateful. I am currently working as the Advocacy Lead for East India and can proudly share that I have tasted success in building the Inme business in the East and have worked full time from home. I have evolved significantly in the 2 years that I have spent at Inme. Looking forward to many more, and will also have my own office space from next month in Kolkata.

Apart from inme I’m also associated with Chatterbox ( public speaking institute for children ) as a trainer , learning and delivering skills and leveraging my experience  help to build up opportunities for the children. Here I would like to thank my dear friend Dhiraj for introducing me to this wonderful concept.

I started to explore my health and happiness and joined a running group which helped  me train and also accomplish a few 21k /10k marathons with the support of my coach and amazing friends.

My husband Neeraj , my children  and my mom have been my pillars of strength through thick and thin .

Ladies, there’s no “Magic Pill” that effortlessly launches you out of your cubicle confinement into the free world of success.

Don’t look at your age as a barrier . You are never too old to follow your dreams and start a career.

In this digital era there are ample opportunities , just get started. Look for yourself from within. Find yourself , it will help you gain relevant work ideas and you will be where you want to be .

Even if one woman gets encouraged to start or restart her career after reading my journey my purpose is fulfilled .

Vinita Banka 

Cafe Inspiration

Inspirational Journey from 1 cook to 100 chefs – Monika Daswani, Kitchen Stories

ॐ त्र्यम्बकं यजामहे

सुगन्धिं पुष्टिवर्धनम्

उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान्

मृत्योर्मुक्षीय मामृतात्

About the women

A self taught chef, Monika Daswani has dedicated over a decade of her life in the gourmet food catering industry. She is the chef cum CEO of Kitchen Stories, a food catering company which has introduced the creme De la creme of Kolkata to global cuisines. Monika is an innovator, an entrepreneur, a mother of 3 beautiful young adults, a wife and a daughter to her mother who inspires and lives with her in every waking moment.

Monika is not just a successful entrepreneur, she’s a lot more!

Highlights of her career

    – Grew the company with one cook to over 100 chefs

    – Starred as the Kenwood brand ambassador for eastern India while hosting hundreds of cooking classes

    – Written and published a cookbook focusing on regional Sindhi cuisine and

Words that describe her

  • passionate
  • workaholic
  • learner

Her hobbies remain reading & traveling around the globe. She has a keen interest in Community service.

Her biggest inspiration

My mother the best chef!

She wants to give back to the society by giving a stepping stone to those, who unlike you and me, could use a helping hand.

Her Vision   – I see life like a balancing scale. If you get, you must give back. What we sow, we reap. That being said, it’s important for us to help everyone in need to sow!

Cafe Inspiration

Success Story from CAFE- Madhuri Saraf

“I have learnt so much at CAFE, it has helped me recraft my passion and grow it multifold. Today I can deal confidently with any customer and also help them choose the best product”

Our first member at CAFE- Madhuri Saraf, I Bake You Eat, has gained immense confidence and is still a regular face at CAFE sessions. She says learning should never stop! An inspiration for all of us!

Cafe Inspiration

Cafe Inspiration- Nidhi Karnani

Hello friends,

Myself Nidhi Karnani, I come from a middle class joint family, a simple shy girl in school who suffered from a complexity in school due to my obese body and dark complexion. I was blessed with visionary and doting parents and a set of beautiful friends who never judged me for my looks.My mom never let me sit idle, i was always doing some class or the other, most of them related to home science. I did my graduation in BCom Honors and Chartered Financial Analysis from ICFAI.

Then Avinash happened to me, my chocolate boy, we fell in love

(do not know how) with each other and after a lot of drama, we got married. We were destined to be together.

My father in law and Avinash and my brother in law Asish were always encouraging and motivating me, to not sit idle and do something. My mother in Law never had any restrictions on me. Then the medical packaging factory happened at that time, same year as our marriage in 2004, the project was very lucrative, it was with one of Avinash’s uncle who had the know how. As the factory was getting ready and a lot of investment was done, this uncle started showing his tantrums by citing unreasonable demands.

The factory was in doldrums and Avinash was left all alone with no background of a manufacturing unit. God had other plans for us, something got into me, could not see the love of my life so depressed and upset. I joined him for marketing, 1000s of mails and calls and sampling over a period of 2 to 4 months started getting us some small orders. The determination and hard work kept us going. The will power was very strong to prove ourselves. The team was very supportive, we travelled in trains, local trains, shuttles and local buses as the factory could not afford luxury travelling then. My parents were always encouraging that these are testing times and this will emerge us into stronger people. Gradually we entered the market being fair always and now I proudly can say that I run the factory and we are the only manufacturer of this medical packaging in the eastern India. We are a brand now.

In the midst of all this, we were blessed with 2 beautiful kids Retesha in 2007 and Devansh in 2009. Both my pregnancies could not stop my commitment towards the factory which actually is and will always be my first baby. Had to juggle going to factory with my kids feeding time. Proud mother to see my kids excelling not only in academics but sports too. I have always ensured never to let anything come in between my time to the kids.

In 2012, Ladies Circle India happened to me, which was another turning point in my life, the massive social work attracted me, every year, I took a new post in the Organization which left me groomed and more enriched. The best finishing school that could have ever happen to me. Never in my wildest dreams had thought would be taking up the highest mantle of “President ship” of Ladies Circle India. In this journey have made innumerous friends for life who I call my life lines now.

My pregnancy weight refused to leave me and frankly never got myself serious towards getting fit, always had excuses to myself, never prioritized myself. Still I do not know what struck me, joined the dance workout classes in mid 2014 which interested me so much that I started planning my day as per the class, managed to shed 20 kgs off me. In 2016, the timings changed which clashed with my work hours, one night very upset that I, am going to gain back all the weight, I mentioned it to Avinash, he said why don’t you have your own studio, I can give you the place for it. I was shocked and happy at the same time, grabbed the opportunity and made a state of the art fitness and dance studio called MOVE WITH GROOVE DANCE FITNESS STUDIO”, the only studio to have suspended flooring and the best Instructors. I have made this place with a lot of passion and style, we are going to celebrate its 3rd anniversary of our studio, again a proud moment for me to say that we have opened another studio on the same floor for antigravity aerial yoga classes, the only one in Kolkata.

I have been super blessed to have 2 best set of parents and family, a doting husband and angelic kids who have always encouraged me, been proud of me, celebrated my achievements, mentored me always. My kids words “Mumma aap LC India president ban jao, we will be responsible kids” will always mean a lot to me always.

The entire credit of bringing out my potential goes to Avinash, never ever stopping me from anything, giving his unconditional love to me when I weighed 90 kgs or when I weighed 60 kgs. His attitude encouraged me to challenge myself at every step I took. The confident Nidhi you see today still has goose bumps while addressing a gathering. My wish list is endless.

Just one message from me, keep you goals high, work towards achieving them and god will ensure that we reach them. We can either give excuses or give wings to our dreams. Come out of your comfort zone and see the paradise that awaits you. Be positive always.

My vision now is to get those fitness forms to Kolkata which are not present in the city at my studio.

For my factory, we plan to expand our product range to trading items too.

On personal front need to get back to my fitness regime as it used to be.